Dear Clients and friends,
I would love to see you for a massage appointment soon, as long as you feel well and ready.  I have listed below some protocols to help keep us all safe and healthy during these COVID-19 times.  As much as I would love to see you, I want you to feel good about making an appointment.  I feel that I am taking as many precautions as I can to ensure safety and well-being for everyone who comes in for a massage.

Following are the procedures I have created to keep you as safe as possible:

1. Symptoms and Screening: I will ask you the standard screening questions at the time we create your appointment.  If  things change between that time and the day of your appointment and you have any symptoms due to any communicable disease or a temperature, we can reschedule you for another time. If you contract Covid-19, we will need to wait until 3 weeks after you are symptom free.
2. Mask: Please wear your mask to your appointment and leave it on until you enter the massage room. I will be wearing a mask during the session for everyone’s safety.
3. Gloves: Do not wear gloves. They are not necessary for your safety and cause hands to be more contaminated when they are removed. 
4. Restroom basket: There is a bathroom basket with toilet paper, soap and a hand towel or paper towels for your use in the restroom. Please bring it, and any trash back to the room with you.
5. Distancing: Follow the 6 foot distancing rules when you enter the building or when you encounter another person in the hallway.
6. Disinfection:  All ‘high touch’ surfaces are disinfected regularly and between each client as well. These include door knobs, locks, lotion tubes, hot rocks, my phone and any other touched items and surfaces in  the restroom, hallway and massage room.
7. Waiting: Please wait in the comfort of your own car and I will text you or wave at you to let you know the room is available and you won’t have to wait in the hallway.
8. High risk: For those in high risk groups, continue to balance the need for an appointment with the risk of possibly contracting Covid-19.  
9. Bring your own water bottle, if you wish.

Thank very much for your patience and understanding.  I wish you the best of health and stay in contact with friends and loved ones.
Karla Meyer, LMT, #6930

[Image courtesy of Sumanley xulx on PIXABAY]