PDX Bodysong Cupping & Massage

Silicon Cupping is a very quick way to warm up your muscles. It brings circulation to surface tissues and helps “comb” the connective tissue to realign them into a better position. Through improving circulation, cupping brings better nutrition and hydration for those tissues being treated and improves overall muscle mobility.

If you have a chronic area of tightness or somewhere that feels “stuck”, silicon cupping is a great way to relieve and resolve that issue

Silicion cupping is different than the traditional moxibustion which uses glass cups, fire and alcohol.

Cupping is very safe for most people and is used on most parts of the body, however, if you bruise easily, please let me know and we can discuss cupping further. It is also common for some of the cup marks or circles to show on your skin after cupping. These will fade in a day or two.

Please call or text to schedule – 503-754-1617